Promoting Positive Communication @ ZCMS
Creating Positive Social Media Messaging @ ZCMS
Posted on 04/23/2018
Steve Dembo

Creating Positive Social Media Messaging

All Student Assembly Monday, April 23, 2018 9:00 am

At 9 am on April 23rd all ZCMS students joined together for an assembly about how to be positive and proactive using social media. Speaker Steve Dembo shared with students and staff the impact of social media messaging. It was an enlightening event, detailing how anything posted on social media is permanent and can have a positive, or negative, impact for years to come and when colleges or employers look up someone's name. Students expressed, "We are shocked; we had no idea that it worked like that." Students left the assembly more aware of their power to manage their social media personas, as well as the serious consequences poor social media management can have.